Using the e-platform, Networking Academic Team intends to support the connections between the academic and research fields and to promote cooperation opportunities for both Business and R&D domains.

Networking Academic is a free-of-charge service designatetd to promote  academic and R&D enities and also their services, products and projects in order to enlarge their capability to cooperate with the busniess and industry sectors in Romania and abroad.

Both researchers and industry professionals are invited to register their proffiles and also their projects and results in order to make it more visible for both academic and industry communities.
We believe that this kind of visibility and opportunities will help to enrich the partnerships beteen R&D and industry contractors.

We expect you to become a member of our community and take benefit from the functionality and advantages provided by our e-platform: new and unique content generated by our users, public releases on different subjects with logo/pictures/text and video content, easy editing and modifing tools, promoting of web links inside the release, history of releases, opportunities to promote banners and events online, media partnerships for different events and also fully administrative support from our IT team.

Networking Academic is a concept chosen by GEAC - Grupul de Educatie si Actiune pentru Cetatenie (, to promote and support, along with other projects such as, different partnerships between Industry and R&D sectors and to provide business opporunities for academic and research entities in order to better help the development of the communities.

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Networking Academic Team