ICAS2017 - International Conference on Applied Sciences

Location: Hunedoara, Romania

Date: 16 March 2017

Link: http://www.fih.upt.ro/v4/ICAS2017/index.htm

Category: Events

Topics of the conference covers a comprehensive spectrum of issues from: 
1. Materials Science: Metallic Materials, Composite Materials, Metal Alloys, Metallurgy, Heat Transfer,
 2. Mechatronics: Mechanical Engineering, Robotic Systems Engineering, Control Engineering, Reliability,
 3. Electrical Engineering: Circuits and Systems, Signal Processing, Electric Motors,
 4. Computers Engineering: Modeling and Simulation, Computational Methods in Engineering, Software Engineering, Data Bases,
 5. Fundamental Sciences: Numerical approximation and analysis, Interdisciplinary applications of mathematics and physics, Chemistry.

Participation is open to all persons interested in this conference. For registered speakers who have no possibility to travel at the conference location, there will be organized a Video-conference session.
May 10-12, 2017, Hunedoara, Romania